You Can Drop and it Won’t Stop

Posted on Oct 23 2012 - 2:57pm by khurram jamil

You Can Drop and it Won’t Stop

You Can Drop and it Won't Stop

With a new phone or gadget, you need to be able to protect yourself from stupid damage

That’s why there’s such a huge market in cases for things like mobile phones, mp3 players and tablet computers.  If you do break the screen or crack the casing, you could rack up a sizable bill replacing it and as beautiful as Apple’s screens, in particular, are, they’re not the most shatterproof items out there.  With indestructible tablets still a way away despite recent advances, the new iPad cases are as important a purchase as the new iPads themselves.  Yet there is a whole world of accessories out there for you to choose from.

Style over Substance

Let’s be brutally frank here, most accessories bought for phones are for aesthetic purposes.  From those little dangly charms to cases displaying your favorite car or model, there is a huge choice when it comes to your personal style.  When it comes to the case for your new iPad, though, your choice is probably going to be influenced by one criteria: usability.  You need something that gives the utmost protection to your device without making it bulky and difficult to use.  The styling makes a huge impact but only as a secondary consideration.  Other accessories, though, don’t suffer from this.

King among the accessory world is the humble headphone.  From tiny in ear buds to massive sound excluding headphones, your choice is massive.  Unlike the new iPad cases, there is one overriding criteria that comes first: sound quality.  Your headphones have to be able to bring your favorite band to your ears in the perfect form with heightened bass, perfect treble and without that tinny sound that accompanies most bundles headphones these days.  Unlike the rest of the accessory world, the headphone accompanies its own distinct category, alone in its power over the consumer.  Not every headphone will fit into the case for both the new iPad and Samsung phone, so finding one that fits your needs is a must.

On the Move

One of the biggest areas for growth in the accessory world is catering to the business user.  These customers want to use their gadgets on the move wherever they go: be it in the car on the train or plane or sitting in their hotel bar.  As such, the case for their new iPad should probably include some extra features.  Perhaps an inbuilt light or the ability to connect an external battery to extend the gadgets life for the whole of that journey.  One of these options is to include other charging methods, such as solar power.  By adding a small solar panel into the case, an on the go businessman can get his tablet charged on the beach or on the balcony of his hotel room or even just on a walk about.  There’s no more worry about whether the battery is going to survive the entire journey: you have a power source readily available: the sun.

One of the most recent additions to the tablet computer accessory world is that of the attachable – and therefore detachable – keyboard.  While you want something you can easily read upon and carry everywhere with you, should you need to type something up a tablet touchscreen has never been the easiest to use.  So that is where detachable keyboards come in handy.  These keyboards can allow you to type away until your heart is content with the speed you would have on your office computer.  Of course, with your new iPad’s case, a keyboard may not fit on, so make sure you get something that’s completely compatible not only with your gadget but with all your accessories.

With the changing world of mobile gadgets, you don’t want to be left behind by the times.  Apple’s new iPhones are great but the new iPad cases can really add an extra dimension to your home and work gadgetry.  Make your life easier and keep your gadgets safe.

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