What is Apple’s China dilemma, market share or cachet?

Posted on Jan 25 2013 - 9:20am by khurram jamil

What is Apple’s China dilemma, market share or cachet?

It is very interesting and informative technology news for you that Apple Inc’s third at once unsatisfactory sector indications an urgent call for the worldwide technology organizer to throb up fresh profits and China possibly will endow with the answer.
The most analysts now saying that this is very necessary for Apple to acquire it right in to the worlds most heavily populated country. In this country the Samsung Electronics is the runaway person in charge and Apple has a rank of just sixth in yearly smartphone rummage sales.
There is also a very necessary thing for Apple to move forward the improvement of extra localized apps which limited to a small area and enlarge payment financing to bring its highly price smartphones in the reach of inner-city common people with an normal yearly earnings of $ 3,500. Because in much technology news we came to know that the apple smartphones and other devices are very expensive.

What is Apple's China dilemma, market share or cachet?
Some of the analysts also say that it must repudiate to give in to the attraction to just place out a low-priced iPhone.

An analyst from research firm IDC named TZ Wong said that “If you think of Apple, it’s like a bright star in the galaxy, shining so brightly and everyone is looking at it. But it might have dimmed a bit as other stars such as Samsung have popped up.” He also said that “I don’t think it’s in Apple’s interest to further dim its star power by stepping into the low-end segment.”
If apple make deal with China Mobile, it will prove helpful because the china is the world’s biggest mobile phone transporter and it has more than seven hundred million customers but market analysts’ state that it might not occur until the issuance of 4G wireless licenses, which can be happen afterward this year or in 2014. If Apple made a relation with china, this is good technology news for us.

IDC’s Wong said that “The competitive landscape has definitely cranked up a few notches from a year ago. So there is more urgency for Apple to explore its ways to grow.”


It is came to know that Apple’s profits in China, as well as bordering Taiwan and Hong Kong, summed $ 7.3 billion in December part and it is up to 60 % from a year before. However there is possibility that Apple’s vaunted reputation in the world’s mainly crowded country is fading.
Taobao Index which is the consumer research data website of Internet giant Alibaba Group said that “Since the iPhone 5 went on sale in mid-December, transactions have fallen by half.”
In china, prize is a major aspect because in Chinese markets there are around 80 percent of the more than one billion mobile phone customers are yet on 2 G systems.
As a last point, if Apple is expand the amount of functions modified for China then it will help to raise the Apple’s market distribute but apple has to made best group effort with Chinese companies like, Baidu Inc and Tencent Holdings Ltd.
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