Top 5 most anticipated pieces of technology of 2013

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Consumer technology develops at an alarmingly – and sometimes frustratingly – rapid pace, with the latest smartphones often being outdated within six months of purchase. It’s been made clear that keeping up with technology is a necessity, if you want to be ahead of the curve.

This article goes through five highly anticipated gadgets that will be made available this year. Warning: you should probably start selling your stuff on if you’re thinking of investing in any of these!

PlayStation 4


Sony officially announced the new PlayStation in February, but details have been elusive thus far. We do know that it will boast an 8-core processor with 8GB of RAM, making it more akin to a gaming PC. To be specific, its processor is an 8-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar model. The GPU has a unified array of 18 compute units, which are capable of processing 1.84 teraflops.



The television revolution continues apace, with Samsung announcing the all-new OLED TV, 4K Ultra HD S9. It packs a 55-inch curved display, concave when viewed from front. This will ensure that you will enjoy the full IMAX experience in your lounge, whenever you put a film on.


The new iPhone


It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but given Apple’s track record of ridiculously fast development, tech experts anticipate a release announcement this summer or during the fall. Rumours have it that there will be an iPhone 5S with increased processing power, and then perhaps an iPhone 6 to follow, with a larger screen.

Google Glass


Google Glass is tipped to be the next big thing – a wearable, augmented-reality-based computer that the user wears on his/her head. Essentially, it’s a smartphone that looks like a pair of glasses. It’ll have a 5MP camera that shoots video at 720p, wireless internet, and access to all of Google’s apps, like Google Maps and Google+.

Xbox 720


We couldn’t possibly write an article that included the PS4 but excluded the new Xbox! Microsoft loyalists eagerly await the all-new Xbox, which is rumoured to be far, far cheaper than the new PlayStation. Rumours have it will also have an 8-core processor, also with 8GB of RAM powering it.

There are only rumours circulating about the new Xbox. Some of them say that it will include a BluRay player; others say that Microsoft wants to move away from having games on CDs, so it won’t have a disc drive at all. For now, those of you interested are just going to have to play a waiting game.

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