Top 5 Mobile Payment Services

Posted on Nov 29 2012 - 2:57pm by khurram jamil

Mobile payments are becoming very popular because business owners love being able to make more sales. Customers prefer using debit and credit cards to cash, and a mobile payment app allows you to satisfy that preference from anywhere. These are the five best apps that you can use for mobile payments.

Flagship ROAMPay
Flagship is one of the best mobile payment apps for several reasons. You will receive a free card reader when you sign up with them, and their transaction rates are among the lowest in the industry. You will also be able to use their service without having to sign a contract. This means that you have the ability to leave them without having to fret about breaking a contract and paying fees.

There is one con. Flagship advertises a low 0.38 percent swipe fee, and this advertisement alone has won over a lot of customers. This fee only applies to certain debit card purchases. Be sure to read the rules first before signing up with them to understand the restrictions.

Intuit GoPayment
Intuit has two big benefits, and one of them will make your bookkeeping much easier. The first benefit is that you get a free card reader when you sign up with them. The second benefit is much better. Intuit creates the popular QuickBooks software. This software is used to keep business records, and you can easily synchronize your mobile payments with QuickBooks.

The downside to this app is that you cannot give refunds.

MerchantWARE Mobile
The MerchantWARE app is averagely priced, and there are two major benefits to using this app. The first is that you aren’t locked into a contract. The second is that you can make custom email receipts for your customers. This will be useful for business customers, and it allows you to customize the receipt to improve customer retention.

The only real downside to this processor is that their customer service line isn’t active 24/7.

Leaders Merchant Services
This mobile payment company is best if you want low fees. You aren’t charged for the card reader, setup or any application fees. You are only charged when you swipe a card. If you are looking to pay the least amount of money, then this is a great provider.

Some people have complained about poor customer service, but this doesn’t seem consistent. Some people love the customer service, but others hate it.

Merchant One
Merchant One offers some very interesting features, and their cost per transaction is very competitive. You can verify an address through the app, hold funds to process the payment later and it will also automatically verify the credit card number before the payment is completed.

The drawback to this service is that you are locked in with a three-year contract. Make sure to read up about their benefits to see if you realistically want to stay with this provider for three years.

There are many mobile payment companies out there, but you want the best because you want your business to flourish from offering this unique service. These five providers have the best features and prices, and you are sure to find exactly what you want from one of these five providers.



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