Top 15 Free iPhone Apps for 2013

Posted on Feb 11 2013 - 3:10pm by khurram jamil

What’s an iPhone without apps, right? We know how useful these applications turn out to be as productivity tools, business management, travel, photography and many more. Here is a list of top 15 iPhone apps.

Top 15 Free iPhone Apps for 2013

Here you go:

    1.   Dropbox

There are many cloud storage devices but Dropbox is always on top because of the ease with which files can be shared. Create, share, delete download files anytime you want from the synced computer.

     2. Skype

A Skype account could connect you with anyone in the world. Its works with any iOS device and has a very simple interface. Skype to Skype calls are free and Skype to non-Skype calls are reasonably priced.

      3. Movies by Flixter

If you are a movie buff, this is a must have iPhone app. While most of the cinema listings are US-centric but when you select any recent movie, it will give you a list of theatres playing near your location, along with timing and ticket costs.

    4. RunKeeper

If you are a fitness buff, this is again a must have free iPhone app. The RunKeeper app uses your iPhone location to track and map jogging or cycling routes, count the number of calories burnt and enable you to share the results online, from anywhere.

     5.  Facebook

The Facebook iPhone app is a cleaner version of its other counterparts. It has a focused interface that lets you see real time feed, check messages and do other tasks.   

   6. Google Maps

The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad. The Google Maps gives you accurate local search, navigation points, street view, public transportation directions, discover places to unwind, offer voice-based guidance, give 360-degree panoramic view and many more. It’s simple to install and activate.


     7.  Evernote

The Evernote iPhone app is for distraction free online note-keeping. It is useful and efficient to add new notes, store notes and even scan other notes.

     8. Air Video

If someone is using the Air Video server on their computer, you can use this app to stream and convert any video you want. The list generated is limited but it is a very funky app to use.

     9.  Pocket

The Pocket iPhone app is great for information consumers. You can view information online and save it with the app to read later. The best is that the app removes any kind of advertisements and sidebars visible on the original page, and gives you the content only. You can also download the articles to read offline.

  10. Read Laser

This iPhone app is a barcode scanner. When you are shopping online or offline, you can use this app to know information about products and do comparison shopping.

  11. eBay Mobile

If you are frequent eBay shopper or eBay seller, this is a must have app on your iPhone. The app has inbuilt barcode scanner, saves listings and you can buy through the app.

  12. XE Currency

This app is from the famous currency converter site, You can choose and select a list of currencies and the app will generate real-time conversions, show base rate and define custom conversions. This is a great app for Forex traders.

13.  Bump!

It is a funny but useful app. If you want to exchange contact with another iPhone holder, all you need to do is ‘bump’ both the phones together and the contact details will be transferred!

14.  Dragon Dictation

Feeling too tired to type messages? The Dragon Dictation app will convert your speech into text. You might need to edit the output a bit, but hey, it’s free. Once converted, you can share the message on iOS clipboard, Twitter, Email or Facebook.

  15. IM+

If you want to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and clients, the IM+ is a great app to download. You can login to various networks like Facebook Chat, Twitter, AIM, ICQ, MSN Live, Gtalk and Yahoo to chat. It also has push notification and multitasking settings.

These were some of the best iPhone apps for 2013. Add them now and have a more productive year.


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