Today’s technology news is about the upcoming Nokia EOS Windows Phone with real pureview camera.

Posted on Jan 23 2013 - 6:33pm by khurram jamil

Today’s technology news is about the upcoming Nokia EOS Windows Phone with real pureview camera.

Nokia is the best mobile production company which builds great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer PureView. From the time of launching of first Nokia Pureview device, there are rumours that Nokia may launch windows phone with real Pureview camera.

So Nokia is working on a real pureview camera, and people’s expectations are that this phone is appearing in Lumia brand. The new report stated that this device has the code name EOS and launch later this year.

Today’s technology news is about the upcoming Nokia EOS Windows Phone with real pureview camera.

According to The Verge, a device with the codename EOS will be the first true PureView phone to run Windows Phone 8. The tech blog state that it spourts camera sensor, similar to Nokia’s 808.
Another mid-range Lumia is coming in the summer and a Nokia Windows RT tablet.
The expected specifications of Nokia EOS windows phone are:

  • It’ll use a similar sensor to the 41-megapixel 808 PureView phone released during Mobile World Congress last year.
  • The EOS is also said to be made from aluminum, which lines up with earlier reports that Nokia was working with the lightweight metal for a follow up Lumia 920 handset.
  • It will have a ‘squared’ or angular appearance.
  • It’ll have an aluminum chassis instead of one made from polycarbonate.

For now, there are no more details available regarding specifications of the device.
PureView is more of a marketing term these days, used to tell us the camera is, “The latest and greatest in imaging”.

Pureview means that it has the image processing ability more than any other old technology.

So it will be very attractive for the people worked with images, or if they want to manipulate the images for other usage. As it used windows based operating system therefore operations related to windows can be easily solved.
There were reports that Nokia is working on a descendant to its current flagship Smartphone the Lumia 920, which has codenamed “Catwalk”. The reports also stated that this device will come with an aluminum body and will be lighter and thinner than the Lumia 920.
Last year during an interview, Nokia’s head of imaging technologies said that his team was hard at work on the next generation of PureView cameras, but he don’t provide any firm details, saying only what it has planned was, “Very cool”.
A Smartphone takes on average 18 months to develop. So there is a new model in development. We’ll have to wait and see when those will arrive on the market. We will inform you about the releasing date of this product as soon as possible.
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