The Android Test: Motorola RAZR i vs. HTC One X

Posted on Jan 10 2013 - 5:39pm by khurram jamil

The Android Test: Motorola RAZR i vs. HTC One X 

Choosing a cell phone is never really an easy decision and when it comes to choosing an Android phone (HTC), that decision gets even harder.

With so many people now switching from Apple’s iPhones to the easier to use Android operating system, there are a lot of great Android phones on the market. Motorola’s RAZR series is a great line of flashy, nice looking cell phones.

And the HTC One series is a reliable, good looking series as well. We took the Motorola RAZR i and compared it head to head against the HTC One X, to see how they matched up.

They both retail at a similar price, and they both run Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. As we suspected, they’re relatively similar in their functionality, but one phone definitely came out on top… Why Choose the RAZR i There are a couple of things that we really liked about the RAZR i. Firstly, there’s the processor. The Motorola runs a 2000 MHz processor, as compared to the 1500 MHz processor on the HTC.

This is a huge processor for a phone of this class, and is pretty much unmatched. It makes the Motorola a good thirty per cent more powerful, faster and more responsive than the HTC, which is actually pretty noticeable. We also liked the battery power.

On the RAZR you get a good twenty hours of talk time per battery charge cycle, as compared to only ten hours on the HTC. This means you need to charge your phone a lot less often. Other than that, the RAZR comes in smaller and thinner than the HTC, but only by around ten per cent.

Why Choose the HTC One X

There are two main reasons why you should go with the HTC model. The first is the internal storage. The HTC comes with a good 32 GB of internal memory, whereas the Motorola comes with only 8 GB.

That means you can store four times more music, photos and videos on the HTC, which is a pretty big difference. The second reason is the screen, which comes in around twenty per cent larger than that of the Motorola (4.7 inches versus 4.3 inches).

It’s also a whopping eighty per cent higher resolution that that of the RAZR, and has a good twenty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), meaning the picture quality on the HTC is far clearer, brighter and crisper.

There’s also a built in FM radio, which isn’t a huge deal, there’s lots of radio apps available to download, but it might be a nice thing to have if you enjoy listening to live radio.

And the Winner is

It’s a tough choice. Both phones have their advantages. But in the end, despite the monster processor on the RAZR, we’re going to have to go with the HTC.

The incredible screen quality and the 32 GB of internal storage really seal the deal for us. Having a fast phone is great, but the HTC is far from slow, and we like storing all of our music on our phones. Having said that, both phones are a great buy, and you wouldn’t be making a mistake by buying either of them…

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