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Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 9:24am by khurram jamil

In today’s technology news we came with great technology news for you that what are the effects of tablets on technology and were the tablets gain all the attention of the people in this world.


Now Microsoft opening many of his stores in the countries and in these stores there are many of devices there. In these stores there comes many of people and purchase the devices.

technology,technology news,today news,world news,new news,tech news,latest tech,tech,techno,tablets,latest teblet,tablet technologyIn these stores there are large T Vs featuring Microsoft’s game, playing from the X box 360 relieve. There are so many Smartphones featuring Windows Phone software was also on exhibit and the Microsoft window 8 tablet made by Microsoft itself with a cover keyboard.

Now we can see that Microsoft taking many big steps in the field of technology and he wants to make good relationship with his customers. Now Microsoft opening his shops nearby Apple’s stores and this shows that he want to compete his products with Apple’s shops. There is not only Microsoft who is doing this but now the biggest search engine Google also joins this competition.

But these companies require a long time to catch the glory of Apple in technology because apple is a lead taker in smartphones and tablets.

The Surface tablet made by Microsoft is thought to be a very different devise if we compare it with the other Microsoft’ technology devices it is a high specification product at the kind of premium price with which Apple wants to sell its own first-class products. This tablet is has a solid body and with its heavy Glass and fully touched screen and it also has a magnesium covering.

Also there is a 10.6 inches H D screen and High Definition cameras one on the front and other on the back. There is an interesting function in it that if you want this tablet to be a laptop, there is touch cover with an included key board which has an extra price of £ 100 ($ 120) and with this keyboard you can also turn it into a laptop.

The surface is criticized about its price. The price of a 32 Gega byte version is £ 399 ($ 499) and apple has a price of £ 80 (or $ 100) for its 32 Gega byte iPad, but Surface has a big screen than the ipad, and also has a good battery life and apps. It has a partial version of Windows which is known as RT.

We also know Google also start work in partnership with several companies on its Nexus smartphones that are intended to platform the most modern edition of Android operating system and also for the most recent hardware technology features.

There are two nexus made by Ausus Company and Samsung, the ausus company made nexus 7 which price is £ 199 ($ 249). The Nexus 10 was made by Samsung and its price is £ 319 ($ 399).

There is much other technology information coming soon, if you want to know about upcoming technology news then keep visiting our site.

Because it is our pleasure to provides you with the best technology news.

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