Samsung Unveils New Chip, Will Power Next Galaxy Device

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Samsung Unveils New Chip, Will Power Next Galaxy Device

Samsung today brought out the Exynos four Quad chip, which will power its incoming Galaxy device.

The ARM Cortex A9-based, 1.4-GHz central processor provides twice the working ability of its predecessor, the 45nm process-based Exynos four Dual, altho consuming twenty percent less power.

“To improve power efficiency, Samsung took hot-plug functionality to support on-off switching for each core as well as the per-core dynamical voltage and frequence scaling (DVFS), which offers up a dramatic decrease in power consumption by adapting dissimilar degrees of electromotive force and frequency when shifting workloads,” Samsung told.

The company also assured heightened multi-tasking operation, and told the Exynos four Quad is “well-suited” for heavy-load applications like 3-D games, telecasting  and calculation-intensive computer simulation.

Multi-core processing allows users to ended a lot of tasks in a shorter time period . “E.g., a project such as flowing video can run on one core altho the additional cores update applications in the background, connecting to the World Wide Web and glancing over virus-check at the same time,” Samsung said.

The chip’s full HD thirty frame per 2nd video computer hardware codec engine will permit high resolution 1080p video recording  and replay.

“The application central processor is a important element in providing our purchasers with PC-like experience about mobile devices,” Hankil Yoon, senior V.P. of Samsung’s production scheme team, told in a statement. “Samsung’s future Galaxy devices, which will be formally declared shortly, offers uncompromised functioning and ground-breaking multi-tasking characteristics, thanks to Exynos four Quad’s powerful functioning and effectual energy management technology.”

Samsung will bring out its future Galaxy device – expected to be the Galaxy S III – at a press event in London on May 3.

Samsung said the Exynos four Quad is as well sampling to other outstanding handest makers.