Samsung launches its new Galaxy S4

Posted on Mar 15 2013 - 6:22pm by khurram jamil

Samsung Galaxy S4,samsung news,latest samsung glaxy,new technology news,Samsung,Galaxy,s4A bare six months after the release of the ground breaking android phone, that deemed it fit to take the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S3, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unprecedented. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is launched in direct competition to the iPhone 5. The new device was launched at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on March 15, 2013. The Samsung Galaxy S4 as expected vamps up the competition by introducing new features, a brilliant camera and great crisp screen quality.


The Launch of the Galaxy S4:

The launch was criticized, in fact panned by critics and viewers for its gimmicky approach and lack of communication with the audience. The show itself featured strange tableaus and dramas that put off the mood of most, if not all of the audience in question. For the launch of the stellar Galaxy S4, it seemed questionable and downright annoying.

Critics take on the Samsung Galaxy S4:

Critics and tech reviewers all over the world have taken the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a direct jab at the competition that is being offered by Apple through its iPhone 5. Richard Windsor has said that Apple has failed to highlight the fact that Android based phones sell less than iOS systems. However he said that that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has done what no other company could do, make the iPhone 5 look old and outdated.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has increased the competition by introducing quirky new features and an awesome camera. Francisco Jeronimo is a smart phone analyst at IDC, and he has said that this will be the first android based system that has created more hype than an Apple device, and may become the first phone to out sell the iPhone 5. He says that the Samsung Galaxy S4 strongest selling point is that it has innovative new features, and its superior screen quality is way better than that of the iPhone 5. Jan Dawson of the research consultancy ovum is less thrilled, citing that the innovative new features are more like gimmicks than actual stiff competition.

Reception of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

The reception of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was more enthusiastic than the reception for the iPhone 5, simply because people wanted to test out whether or not the much hyped about new features worked or not. The Airwave technology worked really well, however the eye tracking was lackluster. Users praised the Samsung Galaxy S4’s slimmer finish and the whopping 13 megapixel of a camera along with its amazing Super AMOLED screen. All in all the reception of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was favorable and is expected to sell more than the iPhone 5.You Can Get All The Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories From Here

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