Samsung Galaxy S4: Launch and reception

Posted on Mar 15 2013 - 6:56pm by khurram jamil

Samsung Galaxy S4: Launch and receptionThe launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4

was the most highly anticipated event of

the season, and people came by the truck

loads just to get a good at the Samsung

Galaxy S4 itself, even without trying the

phone itself. With launch supposed to start

at 7 and entrance at 6, the entire street

was packed with people.



In spite of the presentation that rubbed some people the wrong way, many of the people there wanted to try the Samsung Galaxy S4 rather than be interested in the presentation itself. Tables were set up after the main event and the Samsung Galaxy S4 provided to people to test it out.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Launch and reception

Crowd response to the Samsung Galaxy S4:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a wide range of innovative features that are specifically designed to set back competition from other brands. And the audience’s reaction to the features as each of them was demonstrated in turn was pleased and excited. The crowd cheered and was really excited to test out the phone itself.

Reception of the S4:

Nearly everyone at the launch had something favorable to say about the Samsung Galaxy S4. Everyone praised the crisp HD large touch screen, superior sensor touch and the amazing 13 megapixel camera. We were surprised that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would include such a large mega pixel camera, with the front camera being a good 2 megapixels.


The slim and light feel of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was also a major focal point at the event. The reviewers (including us) however were a bit disappointed that Samsung had not ditched its polycarbonate covering, and there were no notable design innovations. The Samsung Galaxy S4 looks exactly like its predecessor the S3.

Innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an impressive array of unique features that are very futuristic and way ahead of any other competition. The phone itself also includes highly sensitive temperature, light, movement and humidity sensors to really up its game. The Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts of the following features:

– Smartscroll: Pages or text that you are viewing will automatically scroll up and down as the Samsung Galaxy S4 tracks eye movement. That was a bit freaky but totally awesome.

– the Air Wave: You can move items or swipe and scroll on the Samsung Galaxy S4 without touching the screen by using just gestures, thanks to the Air Wave feature that uses the phone’s movement sensor. However it works only when your hand is really close to it. We found it a bit gimmicky.

-Smartpausse: This feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was by far the best of all. If a video is playing and you look away from the screen, the video pauses and plays only when you look back at it. It worked really well and we found it to be very responsive.

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