RIM tries to find the glory with BlackBerry 10 launch

Posted on Jan 27 2013 - 9:06am by khurram jamil

We always try to give you the best technology news this time too we came with interesting technology news for you.

This news is about the new modal of blackberry 10 which is unveiled by a Canada based company.

The experts say that this is the last chance for blackberry to continue a key competitor in and by now competitive area that is all the same magnetizing new applicants.


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RIM is called by a nick name the maker of crackberries, however it possibility becoming a annotation in a market lead via Apple’s iPhone and competitors who make use of Google’s Android operating system.

An analyst at the research firm IDC named Ramon Llamas said that

The importance of this launch cannot be overstated. There’s going to be a lot of work that needs to be done to earn back respect

The RIM Company whose reserve in 2008 is about one-eight said that they are planning to significantly escalating the budget for the launch of new blackberry 10. They also say that they want to hold some events in 5 global cities including New York. There is some words written in the black body which is “The Blackberry Experience, Re designed, Re engineered and Re invented.”

RIM flaunting the system with a great change in smartphones technology and also the company spokesman said that “This is an entirely new operating system. We think it’s the first entirely new mobile operating system in about five years”

The new black berry has a fully touched screen and it also has a physical key board. There is another important positive feature of BlackBerry 10 that RIM named the “BlackBerry balance,” a method which allows the customers to take professional connections and applications away from the other applications like music, photographs and other private bits and pieces.

If we go behind a few years we can see that blackberry was the leading smartphone supplier but we can see that its market share go under five per cent last year.

Gartner expert Phillip Redman said about RIM that RIM has a burly population of production consumers who like better its solid keyboard and like its status for strong network security.

But Phillip Redman writes in a latest blog opening that this bb 10 don’t have strength to surpass the iphones and android products because he said that these products “has great comeback potential.”

RIM supposed to be challenging with Microsoft’s Windows Phone for third place and these condition make analysts doubtful about the company plan. RIM also increases the number of his workers up to 17000 workers and if blackberry don’t make a good sale then what will RIM do in that condition.

In a research note Citi analyst Jim Suva said that “We don’t buy the hype, We remain skeptical of how the company can compensate for the highly profitable service streams as it materially and structurally shifts lower with the coming BB10 products, which will derive lower rates going forward.”

Now see what happen when blackberry 10 came into the public range.

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