Latest technology news: Microsoft to scrap windows operating systems

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 6:59pm by khurram jamil

Latest technology news: Microsoft to scrap windows operating systemsWindows will be terminating its support for Windows 8 and Windows 7.8 phones by the end of this year. Windows support for Windows 8 will end by July 8, 2014. Support for Windows 7.8 will end by September 9 2014.

The major factor in this move is the cycle of Windows updating its latest format supports. Windows only agrees to support certain formats or a period of 18 months, after which it will updating its entire system. This will render any Windows 8 or 7.8 using systems obsolete. It has not made it clear whether it will be offering any alternative format for former Windows users. Last year when Windows 7 format was scrapped from phones, a new 7.8 format was offered to users that contained some but not the entire features of the new operating format.

This move does not come as a surprise to most users, seeing as companies that manufacture electronics and operating systems sure that their item is not so long lasting as to make their sales drop. The same was seen with Windows XP, a beautifully designed operating system that took Microsoft years to get out of peoples systems. Windows 8 is the latest power packed OS that is available for phones. With that being scrapped, all the Windows phones will need an alternative.

Seeing as Apple updates its operating system after every 1 year, there is probably not much sense in keeping an operating system updates for several years. This is all for technology news for today.

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