Latest technology news: Is Samsung steering away from Android?

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 7:11pm by khurram jamil

 Latest technology news: Is Samsung steering away from Android?After the successful launch of the Galaxy S4 with the latest Jelly Bean Android operating system, there are rumors flying around that Samsung might ditch it all together. It is eyeing an operating system called Tizen that runs poorly according to reviewers. But with Samsung backing and development, along with engineers on the go, it might turn out to be something worthwhile.

Critics have been scratching their heads over the fact that during the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in New York, Google and Android were not even mentioned once during the presentation. It was only after the specifications were mentioned that the S4 will run on the latest Jelly Bean operating system. This is taken as a subtle attempt by Samsung to distance itself from Google and Android based systems, just for the simple fact that it is shared by many other smart phone devices like HTC. Pure Android operating systems like the Nexus have been lauded by people for the true Android experience, so this might also be another reason why the company will want to distance itself.

This move is considered by many people to underline what they believe is a growing rift between Google and Samsung over the operating system. Samsung has been marketing Android services all the time, like S voice etc, although they are all part of the Android operating systems.

Samsung has yet to cement itself as a software company. It has been showing the intention to do so by hiring talented software engineers by the droves. If it succeeds in building a new operating system uniquely it’s won, then the SamsungGoogle partnership may well be over.

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