Latest technology news: Apple stewing over Galaxy S4 launch

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 4:37pm by khurram jamil

Latest technology news: Apple stewing over Galaxy S4 launch In the latest technology news for today, Apple has lashed out at Samsung, albeit indirectly and is extolling to its customers why the iPhone 5 is a better choice for its customers that “other smart phones”. In an ad, as well as millions of emails to its product users, Apple has launched an all out vendetta of a webpage that follows a bit to this context and may well be inspired by Samsung’s latest gadget.

-takes a hit at the plasticky feel of Samsung’s smart phones, says Apple products are meticulously crafted from aluminum and refined.

-praises the Apple products Retina display, and takes a swipe at the overly bright colors of the Samsung phones.

-also says that other smart phones only boast about larger megapixels but picture quality is not good. Sounds like Apple is insecure about the amazing 13 megapixels and also the crisp picture quality of the Galaxy S4.

-and finally says that the number of apps available for the iOS are more than ever, and will help you (meaning the customer) even more with your iPhone.

This is one of a string of attacks that Apple has been carrying out since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now the S4. This webpage comes a bare two days after the launch of the S4. Last month Apple took a potshot at Android based systems and derided them. Well here at least it’s plain that Apple is a lot insecure about Samsung’s too active competitive spirit.

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