Latest tech news: Samsung to launch its own version of Smartwatch

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 7:25pm by khurram jamil

Latest tech news: Samsung to launch its own version of SmartwatchIn latest tech news, Samsung is really flexing its muscles in terms of technology and innovation. In an interview with the news channel Bloomberg, Samsung has confirmed that a smartwatch is already in the works, and that the company is really working quite hard over it.

Younghee Lee, the company’s executive vice president said that Samsung has been working on its own smartwatch for quite some time and it will be ready for the market soon. Mr. Lee said that Samsung is focusing on innovations for the future and their new smartwatch is definitely one of them. This implies that the smartwatch still needs a lot of work, but giving the confidence of Mr.

Lee’s tone, we are hopeful that the Samsung smartwatch will be worth all the work and effort.

Mr. Lee did not give any details of specifications, release date or price, but this is not Samsung’s first time in developing smartwatches.

In 2009 Samsung released a watchphone, billed the world’s slimmest watchphone, the S9110. The device had a 1.76 inch touch screen and had an internet connection using Outlook.

The S9110 was released nearly ten years after the launch of the world’s first watchphone the SPH-WP10.

As usual the talk of any Samsung product will lead to comparisons with Apple.

Apple’s much rumored iWatch is still being developed, although Mr. Lee said that it is a question of who can commercialize it first and release it to the masses. It is estimated that smartwatch sales can generate up to 6 billion dollars in sales this year. This is all for latest tech news.

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