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Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 6:16pm by Shaharyar Afzal
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iPad is considered as a latest technology designed and marketed by Apple inc. It comes in line of tablet computers.The first ever iPad was launched in market on 3rd April 2010 and is now produced by multiple companies with different additional features. For example Samsung iPad. iPad can also be known as the substitute of personal computers and laptops as it has almost included all that a normal man/woman wishes to use. iPad Air Review iPad air is the latest model of iPads along with iPad mini and both entered market in November 2013 with few days gap. iPad air contains all that a person need i.e It is fully updated. It is fifth generation iPad. Just like all other apple products, iPad air is highly recyclable.


Hardware is a tool, machinery or any other durable equipment. When talking about iPad air, it is beautiful plus lighter in weight. iPad air is famous for being lighter, thinner and smaller. Holding iPad air will never make you feel that you have something in your hand. iPad air has a 9.7 inch retina display.It’s elegant uni-body design strengthens the enclosure and having an iPad makes you feel more durable due to it’s being lighter in weight.Apple has paid more attention to the meaning of uni-body design and iPad air is it’s outcome.We could say that iPad air has a material efficient body. It is 43% thinner and 28% lighter in weight. An advantage of it’s being lighter in weight, thinner and smaller to you is that you can carry with you wherever you wish too. for example, shopkeepers can take to their shops for passing time when there is no customer to deal, students can carry to their universities for searching  any topic they want to. HARDWARE OF iPAD AIR: The device has a premium look.It has a smooth back design with attractive speakers at the bottom to give it a family look. iPad air has a rocking apple A7 chip on its top along with long battery life(up-to 10 hours) and 64-bit processing power.A7 chip makes the iPad work faster.It brings 64 bit desktop.This clearly shows that iPad air is speaking the language of the advanced computing design.It also has a machined button to control if it shakes. There is also M7 coprocessor that provides help to iPad air in becoming more powerful. iPad air also includes dual microphones and therefore it collects more sound by working together to capture by suppressing audio from those places where you are not focused.


The software really works well with it’s display (below). The best part of iPad air is that, it gives the user best experience with both its hardware and software. iPad air  gives it’s users a refined experience with iOS7. iPad includes a great apple designed apps built in. A user can download as many apps they want to as there is no limit. SOFTWARE OF iPAD AIR: iOS7 was included in iPad air to take advantage of iPad air experience, eg control center panel in iPad air is easy to read the horizontal orientation. iOS 7 has come up with some great new features, just like smarter multitasking and Air-drop and Control Center which make things even easier, faster, and more enjoyable for you.These small considerations give a beautiful experience to the users and this is why iPad air is on the growth stage in product life-cycle.


iPad air has a 5MP iSight camera that lets it’s users take beautiful picture.The image signal processor in A7 chip works with 5MP iSight camera to make adjustments and gives a better picture.  It is said that photos were never better on ipads but iPad air has proven the statement as wrong. A picture with iPad air camera is said to be a perfect viewfinder with large retina display. Format pictures could be taken. A user finds it really easy to switch from clicking pictures to making videos.


Capturing of quick fire shooting moments is easy with iPad air camera by holding the shutter button down.With front camera you can take your own pictures and can also put effects.It also includes face-time HD camera.This features a next-generation backside illumination sensor along with large pixels. Face-time HD camera brightens up all your group photo booth shots and also the dimmer light situations.


iPads has been more about it’s display.iPad air has a retina display with a high resolution of 2048*1536. It contains around 3.1 million pixels that are all indiscernible.Text on the retina display looks sharper.Hence the display is more prominent than ever.It has a multi-touch screen. On iPad air, photos could be seen clearly and watching a movie on an iPad is now really popular. All HD movies could be downloaded on iPad air.


iPad air includes other features like ultra fast WiFi ( two antennas and MIMO technology plays the major role), more LTE bands i.e more cellular data networks could be connected around the world. Face-time calls have been improved with iPad air. ipad-air-commercial_large_verge_medium_landscape iCloud is also there in iPad air that automatically keeps your content synced around all the devices. It’s linked to all the devices so that a user can easily start a page document on MAC and end it on iPad air. Be thankful to iCloud photo sharing for sharing the picture on iPad air that you capture on your iPhone.


iPad air has not yet loosed it’s market. The price of iPad air is $499.00 to $929.00. 16GB iPad air with multiple features are not matching the price charged by apple. Apple could have charged more but it has kept the price same to it’s rivals. None of it’s competitor has yet come up with more perfect iPad in comparison to iPad air. iPad air comes in two beautiful colors that are as follows,

1. Black/Gray

2. Silver/White

There is an iPad air smart cover and smart case in market which is for iPad air. Covers usually make iPad look thicker and iPad air is known for it’s thinner body.Putting a thick cover will finish it’s beauty so these smart cover or case should be purchased with iPad air. When the smart cover is put on iPad air, the smart cover puts the iPad to sleep and also protects the  screen.

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