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FACEBOOK BUYING ATLAS FORM MICROSOFT TO IMPROVE MARKETING There is nothing Mark   Zuckerberg won’t do to make Facebook more efficient. Facebook is buying a set of online advertising tools known as Atlas form Microsoft in its latest attempt to build an efficient marketing system around the social networking site.

This deal was announced Thursday Feb 28, and Facebook is betting that the Atlas group of tools will be more fruitful in developing marketing strategies under new ownership than under Microsoft. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

This is a part of a series if new developments that Facebook is undergoing in order to make it more efficient and specific. With the new graph search app and a new innovative interface, Facebook is determined to introduce new technology to its users.

The Atlas tool is a part of an online advertising service known as aQuantive that was bought by Microsoft in 2007 for 6.3 billion U.S dollars. It did not fare well as expected, but resulted in Microsoft’s first quarterly loss in years.

It is probable that Facebook did not have to pay much in order to get aQuantive off Microsoft’s hands. The undisclosed figure suggests that the deal was not too steep for Facebook.

Atlas provides monitoring tools for advertisers that help track how their online marketing tools are working. It helps the marketers make adjustments to their business in order to attract more people and businesses that will buy their product and also connect with them.

Atlas can help Facebook do a better job of correctly placing advertisements and using its knowledge of nearly one billion users to place ads on sites that cater to need of Facebook users.

However there is again the privacy backlash that comes with every Facebook change, with concerned users worried about how each new innovation will affect their privacy and how much they are being tracked. Facebook has faced recurrent complaints in the past that it disregards privacy issues in favor of better marketing.

Atlas can also help Facebook compete against the range of analytical tools and services that are provided by Google and Microsoft. Google Inc. brings most of its advertising through its all powerful search engine, which now Facebook is trying to compete with by the introduction of an all new search tool called the Graph Search, which makes it easier for users to find information within the social network.  Facebook believes that Atlas will be able to sufficiently boost its share prices and current market position. That however still remains to be proven.

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