Cell phone technology Review

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Cell phone technology



We are living in an age of modernisation though science is approaching to success day by day and you can’t deny it’s appreciable facts and researches. Our society and way of living is totally different from the old ages.

Science and technology has showed its great inventions and researches till now and it’s one of the best and creative invention is cell phone technology.
A very first cell phone was released in 1983 and the very first cell phone call was made in 1973.

A cell phone is a machine that is designed to stay in contact with the family, relatives and loved ones.


It is used to make and receive calls all over the world and make the life easier and faster of the users. Cell phone has gained much popularity among the youngsters or youth of the world.


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It’s the most easiest and convenient way to communicate or talk. As the times passes cell phone has became the basic necessity of life. Use age cell phones have spread over the world most rapidly. It helps in many cases, problems and ways.
As the time passesit gained momentum and got famed in the modern world of technology. After sometime cell phone designers made cell phone with more high technology that is it contains calculator, radio, mp3 player, Wi-Fi, camera, alarm clock, games, calender and etc. You can use cell phone anywhere in the world.
There are many brand of cell phone such as Alcatel, Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, O2, Motorola, Sony Ericson, T-Mobile, Vodafone and etc. Cell phones are designed in many ways like flap, tablets and simple.
Users of cell phone buy it as their convenience that is touch, qwerty and numeric keypad. Cell phones have many good operating systems with good speed and features. Android, Symbian, Smarter phone, IOS, Mobile Linux, Windows phone are the some main operating systems of cell phone.
Newly designed cell phones have a long time battery for excessive use of it. The battery works for several hours and days. Usually business men and hard workers of tough schedule buy such cell phones because they don’t have enough time to charge up.
Modern technology of mobile phones have now developed applications for the multiple users that is face book, twitter, whatsapp and etc. though which carries more ways for you to share your moments even you can send a voice message to friends when you have more to say or record and share a video right from the app.


These applications have many options to send and receive calls, voice messages, texts, videos, audios and stuff. You can also have chat and video conference through such amazing apps.


Cell phone has gained much popularity among the youngsters or youth of the world.

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