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Posted on Feb 2 2013 - 4:25pm by khurram jamil

Here is very important technology news for you about the new BlackBerry phones.

In this news we are going to tell you about that the new Long expected phones from Blackberry which made for the professional use as well as for the personal use of the customer.
We can see that it was not very long that the BlackBerry came to market and challenge the other companies but also the Apple’s iPhone and Google’s competitor Android phones ongoing to face up to that market, BlackBerry is requesting to the youthful people get higher to a rate that this latest spectators was soon pouring each and every one their enlargement. In conclusion we saw that this week the BlackBerry unveiled two devices which may be bring together these two customers.
It is a very big deal that the both new Z 10 and Q 10 mobiles bring into play a kind of operating system which is very new to everyone these days. However there are some analysts who say that these two mobiles can be the key of success for blackberry.

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These two devices come through one feature a fully touch screen and in Q10 the letter Q represents the word qwerty which means a classic BlackBerry key board. These two blackberry’s phones have the same goal to gain the lost reputation in the race of phones and also make blackberry strong that he compete with a new world. There is an extensive film feature in both devices. Also they had a good and steadfast music feature in them. Those two phones had a high-definition screen and show a good screen result. Blackberry also increases the quality of web in them that these two phones can do easy surfing.
This very good to see that blackberry giving their attention to the web browsing because people use the iphones and the android for browsing and if black berry maintain a good speed web browsing then there is a chance for blackberry to compare with companies like Apple.

BlackBerry jumps from the software

There is another technology news that blackberry jumps from the software BB 7 to BB 10 with this Operating system the blackberry users easily can see all their tweets, massages, notifications and all of their social media information.
An analyst with Informa Malik Saadi said that “The BlackBerry Z10 also allows business users to separate their professional and personal profiles thanks to Balance. This feature, plus the music and video hubs and 70,000 available applications, will enable the BlackBerry Z10 to make a good start in developed markets and potentially challenge devices such as Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple’s iPhone.”
Finally we can say that the changes in blackberry phones are surely innovative. If you want more technology news and information about BlackBerry you just have to stay in touch with us because we are keen to provide you with latest technology news.

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