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BILL AND MARK TAKE ON CODEThere is a video that is making the rounds on the internet that features “Bill and Mark’s adventures with code” now this might be something inane, but it’s not. The bill and mark in question are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who are these days stressing for computer operatives and students to be proficient in computer coding, or code for short. This video is essentially a call to arms for schools and teachers to offer coding classes and to students to realize the value of code.

The two technology mammoths appear with Twitter co founder Jack Dorsey, DropBox cofounder and CEO Drew Houston and Chris Bosh of the NBA’s Miami Heat, to name a few hot shots. The video their message to students and stresses the need to learn code.

Many artists have also taken up the call for the need to inculcate code in nationwide curricula., the leading musician of the techno band The Black Eyed Peas, is the most vocal proponent of code learning. He his himself proficient in code, and credits this knowledge as the foothold of his success. He himself features in this video, and calls coders “today’s rock stars”. said in an interview to the Washington post that he had collaborated with just about every big name in the music industry but none of them are as big as that of Gates, Dorsey and Zuckerberg. He is further quoted as saying that the student who is going to do the next big thing will not be a musician or anything else. He or she will be proficient in said that the idea is to have every student in the country understand the value of computer code and knowing how to write code within a year.

But the main problem is to how to reach out to those who are no longer in school and wish to learn code? The answer is to offer online courses that are easy, user friendly and will render the user code proficient within a year or so. Knowing code is also an impressive boost on a resume. Apple announced Thursday that downloads for its iTunes U courses have surpassed the 1 billion mark, with about 60% downloads from outside the United States of America. May be the world is coming into a code learning awakening on its own. It’s about time to include code proficiency into your resume, after all jobs cuts are a harsh reality are they not?


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