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Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 7:42pm by khurram jamil

Normally In various malls we do hear the slogan of “buy one get one free”, this year Apple tried to somewhat add such flavor to their brand when they launched iPhone 5C with the other phone that was launched i.e. iPhone 5S.
The reason why this phone’s price needs to be considered separately is, this phone has been launched just to bring the cliché comment regarding iPhones that it is “for rich people” to an extinct level. Comparing its price with iPhone 5S, it surely is cheaper as it stands tall at around for £469 for the iPhone 5C 16 Gb while when taking 32Gb in notice the price goes to £549. Considering such prices it does make a customer raise his eyebrows regarding the news of this phone being “Cheap”.

iPhone 5c
As this phone was meant to be cheaper, it would be very optimistic of the customers to think that this phone shall provide you with amazing characteristics, but still the 8-megapixel camera which this smartphone offers does provide with solid pictures that can surely make you and your memories beautiful when captured.
The main characteristic which shall be dealt when iPhone 5C is being considered is its aesthetic appearance, or in other words its color. A phone that is seamless along with possessing a smooth plastic back is what this smartphone appears to look like. This is not a phone that has just one appearance but is available in colors that include pink, yellow, green, blue and the elegant white. The other aspect related to its looks which could be brought to notice is the special wallpaper that matches with the color of your smart phone; this basically is made to attract the teenagers as this color combination does make the phone appear not just smart but also beautiful.
The other features include the retinal display of 4inch and also scrapped all the rumors regarding Siri being unavailable on this phone as this phone does provide you with that digital voice known commonly as Siri. Regarding the battery life it has been given the exact same amount of importance as iPhone 5S was, as this smart phone also provides its customers with 250hours of standby time along with decade of hours for talk time and browsing, something that surely catches the target audience’s eyes.
Although there are critics saying that this phone is just a recycled version of previous iPhone 5 but this phone does provide its user with some changes, at least when aesthetics are considered. Therefore the word of advice will be that when going to buy iPhone 5C it should not be thought that you will be provided with a phone that shall outclass the previous iPhone 5 but said that this phone surely would catch your attention.

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